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The Television Workshop Development Politics

The Television Workshop Development Politics is a consortium of organisations involved in develop-ment cooperation, intercultural education and in the field of film and television in Germany. Since 1972 the Television Workshop has regularly presented current film and television productions, which reflect North-South issues, and organises events and seminars in which the current debates about the media coverage of North-South issues are discussed.

Every second year, the Television Workshop Development Politics presents a wide range of internatio-nal film and television productions with development related subjects followed by discussions with film-makers, film critics and professionals from the fields of media and development politics education. The films screened give an insight into the variety of different approaches towards issues of development politics in films but they are also all directed towards the One World idea and intercultural dialogue.

Despite globalisation, these issues don’t get the media attention they deserve. The One World debate is very much shaped by media and film images. Therefore it is the Television Workshop’s task to question these images, to develop innovative projects and finally to discuss criteria for an appropriate and challenging representation of these concerns, bearing in mind that, in the context of Global Learning, media competence is becoming more and more essential. Furthermore, the development politics agenda no longer only address the North-South debate. With an increased awareness of global connections it has become a much more comprehensive topic, which is no longer limited to specific countries or societies.

In 2001, the One World Film Award NRW was awarded for the first time by the Television Workshop Development Politics. This award celebrates the work of directors whose films make a contribution to increased awareness of the problems in Southern countries but also represent the first signs of changes and make a change of perspectives possible.

Southern Countries About Themselves / Seminars and events

An interest in productions from Africa, Asia and Latin America is growing. During this series of events entitled „Southern Countries About Themselves“, current topics are discussed from a Southern per-spective. The films are seen more specifically with regard to their cultural dimension and as a contri-bution to intercultural dialogue.

The first event was the screening of the „Developing Stories“, films from African, Asian and Latin American directors that were produced through the initiative of the „One World Group of Broadca-sters“. These films are related to the topics of the 1992 Rio UN-conference „Environment and Development“ and each film offers a specific insight into global problems. Since then, the main focus has always been on current issues, allowing for a variety of different perspectives through topics such as „Migration Stories“, „Islam in Modern Times“, „Images of China“ and „The Power of Feelings – Changes in the Relationships“. In 2000 the focus was on the „International Year for a Culture of Peace“.

Recent Events

2001: Screening Days and presentation of the 1. One-World-Film Award North Rhine Westfalia(1. Eine-Welt-Filmpreises NRW)

2002: Events on 30 Years Television Workshop Development Politics

2003: Screening Days and presentation of the 2. One-World-Film Award North Rhine Westfalia(2. Eine-Welt-Filmpreises NRW)

2003: Strategies of approximation – Representation of the Other in German Television
The seminar, which took place in cooperation with the Goethe Forum Munich, agdok, ZFP, Institute for Social Anthropology Munich dealt with the role Television plays in perceiving and evaluating the world. A detailed documentation was published by Horlemann-Verlag.

2004: The Thirsty Planet: Environment – Development – Sustainability.
Workshop on reporting in television and training of journalists.

2005: Screening Days and presentation of the 3. One-World-Film Award North Rhine Westfalia(3. Eine-Welt-Filmpreises NRW)

2006: Memories of Violence . Films coming to terms with violent conflicts. A partnership project between: International Documentary Film Festival Munich, Goethe Institut and the 18th Television Workshop Development Politics.

2006: New Media Technologies and the Influence on Films on Development Politics. Workshop in Cooperation with Ministry for Inter-Generation and Family Affairs, Women and Integration North Rhine-Westfalia.

2007: Camera: Sights in the Outside World. Seminar in the framework of the 22. International Documentary Film Festival Munich about the work of photographers and their role by mediating a view on the world.

2007: Screening Days and presentation of the 4. One-World-Film Award North Rhine Westfalia

2008: „Why Democracy?“
Workshop on the relevance of the international documentary production about democracy worldwide.

2009: Screening Days and presentation of the 5. One-World- Film Award North Rhine Westfalia